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lost and found

No one at hand
Having no plan
Stumbled through a barren land
After so long
Of going wrong
I found the road
I was lost and found
I had run around
I was lost but now I'm found

My BA Embroidery Final Project!!

I am asking for your help with my final project on my degree. It’s all about forming visual representations of collections and taking this through to design ideas after lots of drawing and investigating objects. I am trying to form an exciting and diverse collection by asking people from all over the world to send me objects in the post! It can be absolutely anything, the stranger the better! It does not have to relate to embroidery or textiles in any way.


The object(s) need to be:


·        small, no bigger than 10cm square.

·        old or used or with an exciting history

·        inexpensive – I unfortunately can’t send you money in return!



Please send your objects to:       Danielle Goodhand

                                                School of Art and Design

                                                Manchester Metropolitan University

                                                Cavendish Building

                                                Cavendish Street


                                                M15 6BG


Please remember to include your name, address and telephone number so I can send you something in return for helping me with forming my collection.


The project will be exhibited in the Embroidery degree show around June 2007, I will post the exact date as soon as I know!


The deadline is the end of May 2007 but the sooner the better really!!


Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!








Hello fellow finders!

Hello, Found community! I am new to Livejournal, but I thought I'd give you all the heads up on my new journal, solely dedicated to found stuff! Add me to your friends and I'll continue to update with new finds every day. It will be awesome, I promise.
Also, feel free to contact me if you like my journal!

a duplicate of this journal can be found at www.findingmachine.blogspot.com

happy finding!

What I found...

I found this old war-time wedding photo behind the drawers in an old chest of drawers I bought from a second hand shop (for $17). I couldn't throw it out because I just know it must have belonged to some little old lady... I have held on to it for about 5 years now, and I don't even own the chest of drawers anymore!

I have been meaning to do *something* with it for a long time now... I figured at the very least, you guys would appreciate it!

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Hey guys, I'm new to this community. I think it's a really awesome concept. All I really have to add are my talents as a chronic eavesdropper. (I know, it's a horrid, nosy habit. Oh well.) I hear some interesting things sometimes. Anyway, keep up the coolness.

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hi, i just joined, but i thought i might mention that found magazine is a fun place to look at other peoples' extremely personal things. I picked it up in march, and it was rather interesting. BUMS ARE GODS. and you can send all your found stuff in!

Found story:
at my school, i found a post-it note stuck to a stairwell.
"i have to go to cry."
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The interface for my new site was created with objects I found all over the place. It might be interesting to those who watch this community...

[note: this is a highly graphical website. It might take a few seconds to load when using a slower connection than mine (cable modem). It loads nearly instantly for me.]